new Program: bodyART Fit & refresh

Move your body and bright up your future

– with bodyART Fit and Refresh Program


“Expectations feeds frustration as it´s simply an illusive form of control by attempting to grid the reins that aren’t ours to hold. Breathe. Release. Let go. Allow your life naturally, quietly to unfold” – Victoria Erickson


We are so often sad, angry, nervous and frustrated. Feeling down can come because of different reasons. It can be the boss, the family, the neighbor, it can be thinking about something which happened in the past or worrying about something which may happen in the future. These bad things can very easily ruin your day and overwhelm you. Sometime you do not even know, what are the reasons behind your bad mood. You can not concentrate on anything else, but your problems. Life is pain. You feel yourself tired, exhausted, you do not like the picture in the mirror. Your body is your enemy. 

You do not know what to do to get out from this circle?  BodyART Fit and Refresh Program will provide you a solution to improve your mood and makes your body free. 

The training is designed to revitalize your entire body and calm your mind. It is the key to balance a stressful lifestyle and to wake up your body after the long winter times. Your breath is guiding you through the exercises and let you find your flow. This art of movement releases each drop of stress from your body and initiates both physical and emotional responses from you. This training is much more than strengthening your muscles. This training is the answer to wake up your inner strength and boost your physical power.


Take this peace with you and carry with you throughout your day.