Shape up for your summer

Have fun this summer while getting fit and toning up with our Summer Fit Program.
I know that the season has started but it is never too late to pick up a great workout plan and start shaping your body. On the other hand, it is quite hot outside, therefore I know how hard is to move your body instead of sitting in the shadow with a nice cocktail…

With this program I help you to be inspired to rock summer hottest days.

The intensive Outdoor trainings are designed to hit your body including emphasis on muscle strengthening and calorie burning, while the Indoor courses have more focus on boosting your energy and support you in a stress release. It´s your choice 🙂 
Outdoor training – BootCamp Light BodyART
This program combines the benefits of functional training and power yoga, bringing them under the umbrella of bodyART.  Burn calories, have fun and keeping you motivated with your group of partners and do not let the temperature pull you down.
Indoor training – Summer fit
The indoor exercises are following the approach of a vinyasa-style yoga. It is dynamic, challenging, mind-blowing and life-changing. It will sweat you out like no other. After this course you will definitely find your balance.