bodyART Energetic Movement

 We have a lot of activities which are actually stressing our body; permanent sitting and standing, wearing a handbag on a shoulder or constantly staring at the phone. These can cause different problems of movements, backpain and headache, shoulder problems and so on. You could have a massage to decrease the muscle tension or take an injection in case of an emergency, but if you want to live permanently without pain, you have to do something for it!

BodyART can be a decisive element and contribute to a healthier and balanced life.

The special therapeutical exercises in BodyART can relieve pain, improve mobility of joints, release blockages and muscle tension. The goal of the training is to get back to a more natural position of the body. The training combines gentle movements, stretching exercises and breathing techniques.

Everything you need for a healthier future!

bodyART Energetic

Mobility, Stretch & body posture

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