Easy stretching ?!

Many people believe that a workout must always be intensive and exhausting, otherwise the training would not pay off. And if there is no muscle soreness the next day, these people are disappointed and think that the training was not effective. This approach is in line with our performance-oriented mentality.

Based on my experiences I have a different opinion. You do not need an intense cardio lesson to feel yourself exhausted afterwards. You should participate on a stretching class and you will learn your limits J

The intense stretching exercises reach into the deepest tissues and bring your focus on your body and on the essential limitations of movement. It can happen that in some positions the implementation seems to be impossible due to the resistance of your body. Some positions might be painful or uncomfortable. But if you manage the class, you will be rewarded: tension disappears, your body feels like reborn and your mind becomes free.

 So, sign up to a bodyART Energetic Movement class and give your body a chance!