About me

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am the BodyART and DeepWORK instructor.

After spending some years in the Finance area, I had the feeling that I missed something. I was searching, I don´t know, maybe for a sense in life …  I started to run, which I liked but I felt that this wasn´t enough, something was still missing. But then I discovered BodyART and knew immediately that this is what I was searching for!

BodyART is not a simple workout for me. With it I have found my balance and my passion for sport was reignited. When I am tired, unhappy, angry or having back pain, I do BodyART. This is my chocolate cake in everyday life.

I´ve received a lot from this sport. I have met people who inspired me, people who I became friends with, and a community which respects each other. This is my way and my lifestyle; I hope that this feeling will remain forever.


Let me show you this life .. ♥